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it's been awhile

had a really fucked up dream last night. a white horse with completely black eyes was standing in my yard. i had a sword, and tried to kill it. but it intercepted my first blow in it's mouth- i didn't even hurt it. but that made it really mad, so i ran to my room mate's car and it chased us down the road. there was more to the dream, i know, but i just can't remember it. when i woke up (in the middle of the night), i was hysterically scared and upset. but i didn't think about it's symbolism until the next morning. in the revalation prophecy, the white horse is the horse of death. and it especially freaked me out because of the black eyes, like an angel. so the literal interpretation of the dream is that i was fighting death. spooky.
it was on halloween, too- because it was after midnight.
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