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yesterday's tangent

yesterday's writing was merely a tangent.
i was already depressed, so i felt things (everything) on a much deeper level. most of the time i am perfectly allright with the way things are- just sometimes, i'm not. and just sometimes, i understand the allure of masochism...
just sometimes...

last night i had a dream of 2 of the most beautiful creatures i have ever imagined. one was star, whom i speak of frequently, the other girl is one whom i have not met. i will call her pixie. it was interesting that it started out in negativity. star and i were standing at the entrance of a sacred place (somewhere i have journeyed to before, but never seen in waking). pixie and a female friend of hers drive up and pixie jumps out and yells "you're not supposed to be here"! pixie and star stand at a fighting stance glareing at one another, all the while i am trying to push them together. pixie says to me in surprise, "why are you pushing us together, you of all people don't want us to fight". i respond with "actually, i was hoping i would be lucky enough to see you two beautiful females kiss". we all laugh. pixie then says, " i apologize, i didn't realize who you two were at first. i am sworn to protect this place". we enter, and talk for hours, translating the pictures on the walls into poetry. it was the three of us, the fourth was an apprentice of sorts. as we leave, i ask pixie if i will ever meet her. she says she doesn't like "that place" (earth on the dimension people function on), "but maybe". she gives us both a kiss on the lips, goodbye, and i awaken.
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